Editorial Team, 2017-18

Editorial Team

Zohra Abdullah (Editor-in-chief): A writer who loves theory, practice and the philosophy of praxis.

Akashleena (Sub-editor): A writer and an avid believer in the ‘personal is the political’. She believes that politics is present everywhere and has great sense of political humour. Being a political science student she feels that the ability to understand, explain and theorize things is innate to her.

Anushka Gupta (Sub-editor): Loves perusing literature and political theory as well as writing about international relations.


Yashi Koushle: “I enjoy Political spaces and politics is not confined but everywhere. I enjoy politics in practice. The implications of the theories in that practice is the fun part.”

Drishti Maan: Drishti Maan a first year student loves clicking every aspect of life. She loves reading and dreams of owning a library. Paws are perfection to her.