Prof. Randhir Singh Award for Excellence in Political Theory

The Political Science department at Lady Shri Ram College for Women organized the Annual Professor Randhir Singh Award Ceremony on March 14, 2016. The award honors the outstanding performance of students from the Political Science Department. The event is one of the most looked-forward to event of the department and was even more momentous this year, as it was held only a month after its namesake, Professor Randhir Singh, passed away.

The event began with Ms. Rina Kashyap, Teacher In Charge of the department speaking about Professor Singh’s ideological bend and how they were expressed in the classroom. This was followed by speeches by Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath, former Principal of Lady Shri Ram College and Dr. Suman Sharma, the principal. The event was enhanced by the presence of Dr. Priyaleen, a professor of architecture in Delhi and daughter of Professor Randhir Singh. Professor Randhir Singh has been described as a “Marxist scholar who never hesitated to take the unpopular view”. He taught Marx through Plato at a time when this could mean imprisonment and condemned the domestication of Gramsci’s ideas of hegemony. His passing away is a loss to the entire academic world. Even those students who hadn’t had the pleasure of his company were inspired by the man who practiced the idea taught in class, dissected the idea of charity and had a passion for teaching and learning that rivaled devotion.

This year, the honored students were Shruti Sinha, Shruti Jargad, Shruti Balaji, Sharanya, Vani Bhardwaj and Anjali Singh, who then made presentations related to political ideas as well as about the teacher-student relationship through the lenses of Foucault and the Indian Mythology. The intriguing presentations would have surely spiked the interest of Professor Randhir Singh, whose memory will always be enshrined in this annual event.

-Neha Dewan