Talk with Ms. Amrita Banerjee on ‘Civil Services As A Career and Indian Foreign Policy’

By Pranati Haldia,
Content Team Volunteer

On 25th January, a Guest Lecture and Interactive Session was conducted by the Political Science Department, wherein Ms Amrita Banerjee was invited to talk about ‘Civil Services as a Career and Indian Foreign Policy.’ A large section of the student population in our college aspires to clear the Civil Examination, and the talk managed to attract many such aspirants. Ms Banerjee motivated the students and gave instances from her own life to help them understand the challenges one might face in this journey. She also gave tips on how to not feel dejected and give up due to the difficult circumstances that might arise. She talked about the emotional trauma she had undergone during her preparation and how her parents had unrelentingly supported her during that time.

She emphasized on the duties of a civil servant and explained how the Indian Foreign Service functioned effectively as a ‘clean service’ without getting maligned by corruption. Ms Banerjee then gave some valuable advice regarding how one should prepare for the Civil Examination and covered every important aspect that one should keep in mind- from the number of papers that one might appear for to the selection of the optional paper for Mains. She talked about how elated she felt when she got to represent India in different countries. Ms Banerjee’s style of talking managed  to strike a relatable chord with the audience and left a lasting impression upon them.


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