Panel Discussion on The US Elections- Impact on The States and The Globe

By Zohra Abdullah
Sub-Editor and Content Team Head

The Political Science Department of Lady Shri Ram College for Women organised a Panel Discussion on the US elections on 6 October, 2016, exploring its impact on the rest of the world. The panellists included Dr. Craig Dicker, a diplomat from the United States and Professor Chintamani Mahapatra from Jawaharlal Nehru University. It was moderated by Dr. Rina Kashyap from the Political Science Department of Lady Shri Ram College for Women.

Dr. Dicker elaborated on the changing nature of elections in the United States. Since the Obama campaign, fundraising has shifted from large contributions from a small number of people to small contributions from the large mass of people. This has been possible through the use of the internet. He also shed light on the extreme right, an emerging ideology that is gaining popular acceptance at a disturbing rate.

Prof. Mahapatra spoke about India’s stake in the election. To put it simply, it does not matter. The United States will follow its Foreign Policy as it has done for years. It is for other countries to adjust their own policies accordingly.

Dr. Kashyap steered the discussion effectively and the audience had intriguing questions, particularly about how women of colour might be affected in Trump’s America. The discussion was ended on a positive note and we hope to have more such sessions. 


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