Talk by Mr. Verma on The Contours of National Security Policy and The Role of Intelligence

By Zohra Abdullah
Sub Editor and Content Team Head
29 September 2016

The Political Science Department of Lady Shri Ram College for Women had the pleasure of the company of Mr. K.C. Verma, former Director of the Research and Analysis Wing at Raw. Despite the secrecy involved in his line of work, Mr. Verma was able to give us a peak into the world of security, one where women have often felt excluded. He spoke about National Security in terms of the ability to pursue policies independent of domestic and external pressures and influences.

He also spoke about the geopolitical realities of India which is topped by new and emerging challenges such as cyber crime which is now being used for organised crime.

Therefore, the talk brought to light the role of intelligence in ensuring national security and securing India’s power relations with its neighbours.


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