Polpourri, 2016 – Jang Ke Rang

Polpourri 2016 was put to a close by ‘Jang Ke Rang’ which was a cultural representation of war and peace. It was a medley of artistic expression and sought to discover the myriad nuances of war and peace. The first performance of the evening was by Rajasee, Shambhavi and Sneha who set the tone for the evening with songs like ‘Ekla Cholo Re’, ‘Jago Zaraa’ and ‘Bekauf Azaad’ which were a tribute to those walking alone in the face of adversity, such as those who hear the sounds of bombs dropping day in and day out.

This was followed by ‘Looking at a Refugee’ a painting and photograph dissection session conducted by Mr. Jonathan Varghese, Associate Professor- Department of English, LSR.
He talked about how photographs, in isolation don’t mean anything as facts alone don’t constitute meaning. A photograph requires an ontological basis for the relevance of a subject. This was followed by Prachi Das who performed Roger Hodgoson’s Logical Song forcing the audience to question the conflictual nature of the world that we try to evade.

Bidisha Mahapatra presented a thought provoking piece- “No guns at my son’s funeral” to highlight how the perils of war lead to  emotional and psychological turmoils in the lives of people which in turn lead to the demise of innocence.

The last performance of the evening was by Ananta who enthralled the audience with the divine and melodious renditions of poetry by Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Iqbal Bano.

The program ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Mahesh Panicker (Staff Advisor), Neha Dewan (General Secretary) and Shruti Jargad (President) of the department of Political Science.

– Gauri Kundalia, First Year.


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