Talk with Professor Gopal Guru

The Department of Political Science on the 17th of February organized a talk on the topic “Dialogue between Gandhi, Marx and Ambedkar” by Prof. Gopal Guru and Prof M. N. Thakur. Gopal Guru (Professor, Centre for Political Studies, JNU). Gopal Guru is one of the most important critical thinkers of our times. Manindra Nath Thakur (Associate Professor, Centre for Political Studies, JNU). M.N. Thakur engages with contemporary problems from creative theory perspective. His theoretical moorings are a confluence of Marxism and critical Indian philosophical traditions.

The interactive session sought to draw parallels between the concepts of Karl Marx, Mahatma Gandhi and Bhimrao Ambedkar. The speakers began by establishing a relationship between the ideas that Gandhi, Ambedkar and Marx had propagated at different times. Mr. M. N. Thakur pointed out; all the three should be read together as “philosophers of liberation” and should not be read separately.

The session turned out to be a comparison of what all the three philosophers had said about concepts like social justice, regimes of state and the society at large. It also established the importance of recognizing the differences and the similarities between these philosophers in terms of their varied understanding, and also to appreciate the reasons for the same.

-Neha Dewan


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