Talk with Mr. Vinay Lal

The ASSK centre for peace in collaboration with the Political Science Association held a talk by Mr. Vinay Lal and moderated by Mr. Siddiq Wahid on 6th January 2015.

Mr. Lal is a professor of History and Asian American Studies at UCLA. He writes extensively on the history and culture of colonial and modern India, the life and thoughts of M.K Gandhi, Hinduism and the politics of Knowledge systems.

Mr. Lal spoke of the politics of inter religious marriages focusing on exogamy, endogamy and hyper gamy. He pointed out the gendered aspect of all these practices Mr. Lal focused on Love Jihad and religious extremism in contemporary times, as expressed through cultural symbols. He explained concepts of secularism as seen by Gandhians and Ambedkarites and used several contemporary examples like that of Saif Ali Khan’s statement on his inter-religious marriage with Kareena Kapoor.

-Neha Dewan



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