Lecture with Ms. Edith

On the 26th of February 2015, the Political Science Association organized a lecture by Ms. Edith working at the American Embassy on the topic “Black History”. Ms. Emily White and Ms. Madhuri who are also a part of American Embassy joined us for this lecture. Ms. Edith’s talk revolved around the book “Voices from slavery: 100 Authentic Slave Narratives”. February is celebrated as the black history month in USA. She spoke about the trials and tribulations that a slave went through in America, how they escaped their masters and the process of emancipation of slaves. She also talked about how the Nazis took the idea of concentration camps and the various ways of systematically killing the Jews from the practice of slavery in America. She mentioned that while these accounts give us a glimpse into the lives of slaves, we also have to remember the fact that it is impossible to construct history only on the basis of these narratives. She concluded her discussion by pointing out that history cannot be reconstructed from these selective and fragmented accounts but nonetheless these narratives remain an important source for understanding the everyday experience of slavery and its aftermath.


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