Lecture with Dr. Rajan Harshe

20 August 2015

The Association hosted Dr. Rajen Harshe as our first guest lecturer. He delivered an extremely informative and engaging lecture about “Globalization and the Fluctuating Contours of International Relations”. His lecture threw light upon how globalization is a multi-layered social process and how it involves free flow of goods and services along with terrorism and knowledge as well. He explained how capitalism and globalization forms a symbiotic relationship, both aiding the growth of one another. Moving beyond the economic aspect of globalization he also went on to explain how globalization affects us culturally through hegemony and he also explained that how in a very indirect way globalization is also propagating gender inequality. Though a very serious topic, Professor Harshe made sure to keep the talk engaging by adding a dash of humor in his speech. The speech was followed by an interactive session where Dr. Harshe in a very lucid way dispelled the doubts arousing in our mind. Such an interactive and engaging session will definitely inspire and encourage our department to hold many such more events in future.


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