Talk with Mr. Anupam Mishra

On the 29th of August we had Mr. Anupam Mishra’s talk on the topic ‘Gandhi in contemporary India’.
Anupam Mishra is an Indian Gandhian, author, journalist and environmentalist. He has also worked with Gandhi peace foundation. He has worked closely with renowned environmentalists like Chandi Prasad Bhatt and is the recipient of Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Award.
Even though the talk took place at 8.45 we had a room full of enthusiastic students who were incredibly keen on learning more about situating Gandhi in our modern lives.
Mr. Mishra spoke to us about communal accountability over shared resources, issues of waste generation- be it material waste or waste of human resources, need for sustainability and conservation. Mr. Mishra narrated some of his personal experiences as well and spoke to us about traditional use of space and designs while contrasting it with unplanned development that we see in today’s India. He also showed us a presentation on disappearing water bodies and the struggle of local communities in trying to preserve the same. Mr. Mishra very graciously donated to the library, three books written by him on various environmental issues.
We left the talk inspired not only by the words that he had to share with us but also by the very humility and accountability that he embodied.

– Neha Dewan, Second Year.


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