Lecture with Ms. Pramada Menon

On 2nd September 2014, the department of Political Science had invited Pramada Menon, one of the founding members of a New Delhi based feminist human rights organisation called CREA (Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action), to give a lecture on Feminism and issues around women’s movements.

The talk was attended not only by the students of the Political Science department, but also other departments. Students had a great experience as she went on to explain the idea of how one can be a part of any mass movement. She spoke about the recent mass movements that India had witnessed and accordingly gave her suggestions on each.

Ms. Menon readily converted her talk into an interactive session wherein it were the students who were asked to share some of their experiences and based upon that she made significant points, in a way full of humour and satire. As she spoke, she questioned the stereotypical notions of feminism and feminists. She also encouraged us to go and make a space for ourselves and assert our identities, since the world won’t hand us over our rights in a silver platter. The audience felt all the more connected after she explained how one can easily participate in mass movements, feminist movements in particular, by simply bringing their ideas of gender equality and respect into their daily practices.

Thus, her nuanced approach on giving a talk on women’s movements and ideas around feminism, gave the audience an opportunity to not only interact with her on a more personal level but also encouraged each and every one to bring out the activist in themselves.

– Neha Dewan, Second Year.


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