Talk With Ms. Shivani Gupta

The department held an interactive session with Ms. Shivani Gupta and her associates from the organization ‘Feminist Approach to Technology on 8th of August. The topic of discussion was ‘Technology and Feminism-in Everyday Lives of Women’ the interactive session was followed by screening of a short film called ‘Apna haq’.
FAT is an organization that seeks to empower women by enhancing women’s awareness, interest and participation in technology. They work towards this by breaking societal stereotypes and attitudes, encouraging and enabling women to feel capable and comfortable in working with technology, and collaborating with other women’s organizations to mainstream the issue of engendering technology.
The event helped us understand the various ways in which the use and production of technology is heavily gendered and what we can do to create a space for women in this heavily male dominated arena. The movie ‘Apna Haq’ was made by girls associated with FAT. With the aid of modern technology these girls brought to everyone’s notice the issues they face due to lack of clean and safe toilets. The session was followed up with a Q&A session and both faculty and students’ body had questions regarding the work the FAT does and the challenges they face.
Shivani Gupta very graciously extended an invitation to the students for joining FAT as volunteers and also agreed to help us with our very own Zamrudpur health and gender project.


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